When you building ships, you need to spend a certain amount of pearl, repairing the ship, maintaining the harbor, participating in fishing missions, treasure map missions, etc., all const pearl token.
Cryptobay is a metaverse world.
Token mint
  1. 1.
    You can mint pearl tokens by participating in daily adventures and fighting pirates.
  2. 2.
    You can mint pearl tokens by participating in daily arena and fighting with players.
Token consumption
1.Shipbuilding will consume a certain amount of pearl tokens. Shipbuilding is similar to the breed of axie.
2. Harbor maintenance will consume pearl tokens.
3. Ship repair will consume pearl tokens.
4. Forging weapons in the forge will consume pearl tokens.
5. The bakery will consume pearl tokens to produce cakes.
6. Participating in Phishing missions will consume pearl tokens.
7. Participating in Treasure map missions will consume pearl tokens.
8. Participating in Transportation missions will consume pearl tokens.
9. Participating in Turtle Race Task will consume pearl tokens.
10. All production and life activities in the cryptobay metaverse will consume pearl tokens. Just like the dollar in the real society ( Please check the roadmap - harbor).
11. Arena Room mod (Room cost) .
12. Boss fight - ghost ship ( Participation fee)
13. Tournament (Registration fee)
14. Arena Room mod 3v3(Room cost) .
15. Boss fight - ghost ship team mod ( Participation fee)
16. Tournament 3 v 3 ( Registration fee)
17. Captain system ,the captain's consumption. (Physical recovery, combat recovery, mental recovery etc.)
18. Pet system, pet consumption (Physical recovery, combat recovery, skill recover etc.)
19. Pirate Plunder War consumption
20. Pirate Guild and Naval Guild (Guild members needs to pay pearl to maintain the operation of the guild.)
21. The Guild War (Participation fee consumption)​
22. Glory battle of the ship class (Participation fee)
23. Sea area battle (Participation fee)
24. One piece war (Participation fee)