Winner Winner chicken dinner ,let’s join the hunter tournament together!

1.Chicken dinner player

The player who won the final match. The chicken dinner player is not necessarily the player with the highest hunter point.

2.Join the hunter game

The same way as SNG tournament

3.Number of participants

The number of participants is unlimited

4.Player match

Random match

5.Hunter point

Players will get 1 hunter point for every match they win.


Hunter game Prize consist of two parts, one part is the initial bonus pool provided by the platform, and the other part is the tickets paid by the participants .
  • 10% of the prize will be used for burning.
  • 5% of the prize will be awarded to the chicken dinner player.
  • 85% of the prize will be distributed to the winning players( include the chicken dinner player. ).
For example :
Assume that players with hunter point >= k can share the prize .
And the sum of all hunter points of players with Hunter point >= k is Sum(k)
The initial bonus pool is M
Total ticket sales is N
Player A’s hunter point is Point(A)
Player B’s hunter point is Point(B)
Player C’s hunter point is Point(C)
Among them, the chicken dinner player is Player C
We can get :
The reward for player A is: Prize(A)= Point(A)/Sum(k) * (M+N)*85 %
The reward for player B is: Prize(B)= Point(B)/Sum(k) * (M+N)*85 %
The reward for player C is: Prize(C)= Point(C)/Sum(k) * (M+N)*85 % + (M+N)* 5%
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