Boss Fight

Boss ships appear randomly. The boss ship itself will carry basic bonuses. Players can challenge the boss once by paying once. There are points for every challenge. You can challenge multiple times by paying multiple times. The points for each challenge are independent. Finally, the bonus is distributed according to the points ranking.
1.The time when the Boss ship appeared
Boss ships appear randomly
2. Challenge points
The user can pay multiple times and challenge the boss multiple times, and each challenge will have points, and the points will not be covered independently. That is to say, the user pays twice, once the points are 36, and the other time is the points 36, then the ship will have 2 records of 36 points, and if the prize is won, the bonus will be shared at the same time.
3. Prize pool
Prize pool = (User's challenge funds + boss ship bonus ) * 90%.
4. Burning funds
Burning funds = (User's challenge funds + boss ship bonus ) * 10%.
5. Bonus distribution
There are three kinds of reward distribution schemes. The reward distribution scheme for each boss ship that appears is Random.
  • Scheme 1
Scheme 1 will reward the top three point winners.
Rank #1:40%.
Rank #2:30%.
Rank #3:20%.
Note: The user with the highest points may be multiple users. The second user may be multiple users. The third-point user may be multiple users. Because they may share the same point.
  • Scheme 2
Scheme 2 will reward the top 10 point winners.
Rank #1:9%
Rank #2:9%
Rank #3:9%
Rank #4:9%
Rank #5:9%
Rank #6:9%
Rank #7:9%
Rank #8:9%
Rank #9:9%
Rank #10:9%
Each rank #k There can be multiple winners.
  • Scheme 3
Divide all the rewards according to the share of the points obtained by the user participating in the boss fight to the total points.
Suppose you have 30 points for participating in a boss fight. The total points of all users participating in the boss fight is 1000, then your share of points is : share = 30/1000 = 3%, then you can get 3% of the total reward.
6. Stats of the ship
When the user pays to participate in the boss fight, at the same time temporarily set the stats of the player when he participates in the boss battle. The total stats are 600 points in total. At least 50 points are allocated for each attribute point.
7. Challenge points
Assume that the HP of the boss fight is 50 HP. In the boss fight, the user was finally defeated and the boss ship dropped M HP. M is the points of the user's boss fight. For example, for the first time the user challenges and destroys the boss ship with 20 HP, then the user's challenge points are recorded as 20. In the second challenge, destroys 23 HP , then the user has two points, one 20 and one 23.
8. Can the rankings be the same
If the points are the same, the ranking can be the same. For example, there can be multiple rank #1, multiple rank #2, multiple rank #3.
9. HP
The base HP of the player ship is set to 15 points.
10. Eudemons
Eudemons ships have no special effects in boss battles.
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