3v3 Boss Skill

All the 3v3 bosses have summon skills. At the same time, these bosses also have two special boss skills.
Black pearl : Infighting + Lost Mist
Flying Dutchman : Charm + Poison Gas
Endeavour : Stun + Chain
Dauntless : Fraud + Silent
Interceptor : Acid Mist + Batter


Infighting two ships .
Skill effect : Infighting ships will attack each other . The rescue or guard provided to the each other will also be cancelled.

2. Charm

Charm a ship and let the ship fight for you this round .
Skill effect : The charmed ship will attack allies, but will heal or shield the enemy.

3. Fraud

Fraud a ship and make the ship withdraw from the battle. The frauded Ships will not release any skills, nor will they be attacked.

4. Stun

Stun a ship . The stunned ship cannot release skills and will be attacked.

5. Chain

All ships in the Chain, as long as one ship is harmed, all the chained ship will be harmed.

6. Lost Mist

The offensive skills are invalid if the ships in Lost Mist , such as torpedo (range), missile (aim), Cannon , etc .

7. Poison Gas

The HP-increasing skills are invalid if the ships in Poison Gas , such as Heal , Rescue and the HP increasing for evasion success , etc .

8. Acid mist

The defensive skills are invalid if the ships in Acid Mist , such as shield , evasion , etc .

9. Batter

When using offensive skills, you can attack twice.

10. Silent

Cannot use all skills except cannon and anchor.

11. Summon

Summon two weak pirate ships to fight.